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news / Sep 10, 2018

Artezio Release Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Game

Artezio Release Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Game, Establishes New Color by Numbers RPG Genre
Alex Arting
news / Sep 6, 2018

Artezio Experts to Attend Mobile World Congress Americas

Mobile World Congress (MWC) that brings together experts, analysts, representatives of telecommunications and IT companies from across the world will take place on September 12-14 in Los Angeles, USA.
Alex Arting
news / Sep 4, 2018

Artezio to Take Part in the Key Gartner Summit

In early September, Orlando will host Gartner IT Sourcing, Procurement, Vendor & Asset Management Summit - one of the key event held by the international consulting company, to which world business representatives and experts are invited.
Alex Arting
news / Aug 16, 2018

Artezio to Deliver an Expert Report at Salesforce Meetup

Artezio will speak at Salesforce Meetup in Minsk and describe modern solutions for Internet trading based on a popular platform.
Alex Arting
news / Aug 14, 2018

Artezio’s Cost Track for Android has been Released

Users of the Cost Track app developed by Artezio can now manage their family budget simultaneously on both iOS and Android devices.
Alex Arting
news / Jun 8, 2018

Artezio Presents its Vision on Development of Machine Learning Technologies

Artezio CEO Pavel Adylin gave a report at the international conference on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and Machine Learning. The company Top Manager introduced a new vision on the development of popular technologies and shared his experience in practical implementation of projects related to AI.
Alex Arting
news / Jun 7, 2018

Artezio Takes Part in the Discussions of BioIT Standards

Artezio took part in the international conference BioIT World where attendees discussed the development of technology standards for information exchange in the field of bioresearch. It is expected that new standards for data exchange will accelerate the development of advanced products in the medical technological and pharmacological spheres and cut losses in the information exchange between laboratories.
Alex Arting
news / May 28, 2018

The Participants of the Scientific Tournament Calculate the Cost of the European Line of Hyperloop

The construction of the European line of Hyperloop that will connect 18 European cities will require at least €65 billion, and the price per trip will be 20 times higher than in the US.
Alex Arting
news / May 25, 2018

Cost Track Updated Version Released

Artezio Cost Track, the app for personal budget management, receives new tools for visualizing income and expenses.
Alex Arting
news / May 25, 2018

Artezio to Take Part in the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Artezio CEO Pavel Adylin will give a presentation at the international conference on Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning on June 2, 2018.
Alex Arting
news / May 18, 2018

Artezio Presenting at the Business Analysis Conference

Artezio expert gave a presentation at Analyst Days, the 8th International Conference on System and Business Analysis in St.Petersburg.
Alex Arting
news / May 15, 2018

Largest Players of the US IT Market to Take Part in Small Business Expo

Small Business Expo, the largest in the US series of business trade shows, will bring together small and medium size business owners, entrepreneurs, and technology companies in Boston on May 17, 2018. Among the attendees are Google, Netgear, Verizon, Comcast, and Artezio.
Alex Arting
news / May 14, 2018

Artezio at Bio-IT World in Boston

The Bio-IT World Conference & Expo, organized to promote the latest technologies in healthcare, will take place in Boston on May 15-17, 2018.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 26, 2018

Artezio Becomes a Partner for the International Scientific Tournament

Artezio recently became a partner of a prestigious scientific tournament held by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 14, 2018

A Closer Look from Indianapolis: Agile Mode Thinking and Recent Technology Trends

Artezio will take part in Indy.Code() software development conference taking place in Indianapolis, IN, USA April 16-18, 2018. This is the eighth time the conference brings together software developers and business owners from all over the United States.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 10, 2018

Artezio, Alibaba Group and Leading Commercial Companies Discuss the Prospects of E-Commerce

The leading commercial and technology companies discussed in Minsk the prospects of e-commerce market development in European countries. Along with Artezio, the representatives of Alibaba Group (a Chinese corporation occupying top positions in the world trade market) took part in the discussions held at the international conference E-commerce Day.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 6, 2018

Inc. Magazine: Artezio is Among TOP-5000 Fastest-Growing Companies

Artezio is Among TOP-5000 Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies According to Inc. Magazine
Alex Arting
news / Mar 29, 2018

Artezio expert: new healthcare development trends highlighted at the global HIMSS conference

HIMSS, the industry's largest healthcare exhibition, ended in Las Vegas. It became a platform for discussing trends in the technological development of the medical sector and problems of the industry itself.
Alex Arting
news / Mar 28, 2018

World Trends from MWC-2018: transition to 5G, mass use of AI and security in IoT

According to Alexey Popov, Artezio Director for Strategic Development, one of the world technology trends in 2018 is the rapid development of AI and its application in all spheres of life.
Alex Arting
news / Mar 14, 2018

Artezio Cost Track Nominated for Golden App Awards

Cost Track, a personal finance tracker designed by Artezio, was nominated for Golden App Awards. Along with Artezio, large telecom companies, banks, TV channels and film studios took part in one of the most prestigious contest.
Alex Arting