Electronic Health Records – EHR Software Development Services

Transition your healthcare from paper to digital record keeping with the help of cutting-edge EHR solutions. Artezio is here to offer its industry-proven expertise in healthcare software development to help you get maximum use out of modern technologies.

Artezio delivers custom EHR software development services accompanied by our expertise in cooperating with leading medical organizations and hospitals to improve patient care.

We guarantee the seamless implementation of an EHR system in your existing infrastructure to help you automate document management processes and focus on providing personalized medical care.

Remote access to patients’ medical history contributes to faster and timely decision making. With the help of a mobile EHR application, patients and doctors will get real-time vital information.

By integrating an EHR application, you create favorable conditions for providing patient-focused medical care with the help of modern technologies and tools for workflow management.

PHR Software Development

Let your patients maintain their health records by themselves providing them with a robust PHR solution. We deliver comprehensive applications for patients to store their lab results, diagnostics, and health data collected from their wearables.

EHR Data Integration Services

Digital record keeping is the way to enhancing the level of medical care delivery which results in fewer medical errors and increased transparency between doctors and patients as everyone can follow any updates on diagnostics, clinical trials, or prescriptions.

HIPAA/GDPR/HL7 Compliances

Artezio delivers HIPAA, GDPR, HL7 compliant solutions to ensure the security and privacy of sensitive data. In our work, we use industry-proven technologies and methodologies to provide you with exclusive software development services and meet your business needs and requirements.

Tailored-Fit EHR Development

We treat your patients uniquely and understand the need for addressing each of them personally. That’s what a custom software solution can help with. Artezio creates tailored-fit EHR solutions to meet your patients’ expectations and needs delivering personalized medical care.



We live in the era of digitalization and globalization. It’s safe to say that adjusting to current trends and directions is crucial for businesses to keep on track. Artezio offers its knowledge and advice to guide you on the way to digital healthcare. EHR, EMR, and PHR solutions encourage patients to understand the real importance of healthcare awareness. Among other benefits of EHR solutions implementation, you may find the following:

  • Comprehensive information basement for more accurate diagnoses and treatment;
  • Saved time and resources thanks to faster and more reliable delivery of medical care;
  • Ability to get access to vital health records whenever you need it;
  • Streamlined workflow and real-time information;
  • An interactive way of health care thanks to user-friendly applications empowered with notifications and reminders on annual check-ups, medicine prescriptions, and diagnostics;
  • Unified health data storage contributes to enhanced transparency and integrity.
Investing in digitalizing your healthcare once will lead to a more efficient workflow for many years to come. If you are still hesitating on EHR solution integration in your healthcare organization infrastructure, let us know about it and we will be glad to provide you with an expert view on current trends in the industry. We will suggest to you the most beneficial ways of how technologies can help you provide your patients with a unique level of medical care delivery.


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