Blockchain Software Development Services

Empower your infrastructure with a decentralized network built on blockchain to ensure security and high technology of your business processes no matter what industry you are engaged in. Artezio offers its exclusive blockchain software development service to help you keep on track within conditions of fierce market competition.

Decentralized Apps

Store your sensitive data on a decentralized network using trustless protocols or a blockchain to ensure their stability, security, and autonomy.

Smart Contracts

With the help of self-executing smart contracts, your application will function in accordance with agreements and network rules implemented directly in the code.

Business Security

Provide your business data and records with enhanced security thanks to blockchain technology to mitigate risks of fraud and hacker attacks.

Blockchain Development & Consulting

Artezio is a blockchain development company that offers blockchain development and consulting services. Throughout 20 years of Artezio operation, our team has assisted leading experts in such industries as finance, healthcare, insurance, and social media to ensure fast performance and exclusive security of their systems.

Blockchain Ecosystems

ICO Development

Smart Contracts


Trading Platforms

DApp Development

STO Development

Blockchain Integration

Our Services Include

Multichain Development

In our work, Artezio uses industry-proven tools and technologies such as open-source blockchain platform MultiChain to create enterprise blockchain solutions. It provides faster development and deployment of an application.

Hyperledger Development

We create smart contracts using Hyperledger technology to develop a trusted network and ensure its durability and transparency. With its help, you will be able to increase the safety of your transactions and enhance data privacy.

Supply Chain Blockchain

Optimize processes within your supply chain with the help of blockchain to improve processes of scheduling and transferring goods and improve data security by applying smart contracts to ensure on-time delivery and task control.

Blockchain App Development

We use the power of blockchain technology to ensure the development of cost-effective solutions aimed to provide your systems with an exclusive level of security and to address the specific needs and requirements of your business.

Smart Contracts Development

Through comprehensive research and testing, Artezio offers efficient smart contracts based on Ethereum, Hyperledger, EOS, and NEO technologies ensuring safety, transparency, and real-time verification within developed systems.

Customized Blockchain Solutions

We understand that your business interests and aims are unique so we are here to create a solution tailored to your needs and requirements. We provide a comprehensive analysis of your industry market and use world-proven technologies and tools to develop robust systems.

Artezio - Blockchain Development Company

Artezio - Blockchain Development Company

The modern world of fierce competence akes companies think of implementing task-driven solutions that are going to hide industry leaks. The biggest challenge today is hot to keep your data safe and secure. Blockchain is a great option to solve this issue thanks to its decentralized structure. Among other benefits of blockchain you may find the following:

  • Enhance transparency as each member of the network is aware of the changes made within the blockchain;
  • Improve efficiency thanks to smart contracts that replace middlemen and shorten decision-making chains;
  • Keep your information safe from fraud and hacks since blockchain is based on a string of mathematical numbers that can’t be altered;
  • Automate main business processes thanks to self-executing smart contracts;
  • Optimize tracking of important metrics or supply chains.
Artezio offers its exclusive blockchain development service to help create tailored solutions that will help you keep on track and will empower your business with security-focused systems.


With the help of macro- and micropayments and digital signatures, you can ensure the security of global payments with the ability to use multi-currency wallets. Thanks to trustless protocols and smart contracts enhance your finance infrastructure with improved security and transaction safety.

Store personal data of patients and provide global access to them with the help of a single patient registry. Optimize care delivery processes and clinical trial and research results management using blockchain-based IoMT systems to increase data transparency and sensitive patient records privacy.

Improve the verification of news and information and enhance user management processes with the help of decentralized applications and blockchain technology. Using ICO, you will be able to improve peer-to-peer sales thanks to a well-organized structure of the system.

Thanks to smart contracts, trade experts can create systems that meet trade agreements of countries to create global trading systems that will contribute to enhancing world trading with the help of flexibility and improved tracking processes.

According to recent research, the implementation of blockchain in the banking industry will result in reduced operational costs, faster transactions and improved data security. Disrupt your banking system with the help of clear and transparent systems for loan and credit management by avoiding gatekeepers.

Store all the information about transport, goods, and payments in one place so that any participant of a supply chain could get access to it whenever they need it. Provide your clients with faster payment processing and an ability to make cryptocurrency transactions to increase client satisfaction.







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