Fintech & Trading Software Development Services

Artezio offers full-cycle finTech software development services to brokers, financial organizations and enterprises to deliver task-driven solutions. We ensure high security and privacy of data by applying world-proven methodologies and technologies.

E-Trading Platforms

With the help of e-Trading software, you can carry out electronic trading within your digital network wherever you are in the world.

Financial Analytics

Keep track of appearing trends in the financial market using comprehensive analytics tools empowered with AI algorithms.

FinTech Software

Focus on opening new markets and directions with the help of data-based analytics by letting fintech software automate operational tasks.


Manage financial workflows within your organization with the help of robust fintech and online trading solutions no matter how large your business is. Artezio offers its 20 years’ expertise gained through cooperating with financial giants to provide you with industry-proven solutions aimed to transit to digital finance and trading.

Automate Payment

Enhance Investment Management

Leverage Blockchain Technology

Personalize Customer Experiences

Investment software development


Internet of Things
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Trading Platforms Development


Personal Banking System

Provide your clients with an ability to make online payments, manage their stocks, and transfer money using personal banking systems. Let your clients get personalized user experience whenever they need it.

Deposit Management System

Using deposit management systems, you can automate business processes of dealing with deposits from opening an account to monitoring tax schemes and service charges. Let yourself focus on improving the level of consulting service provided to the clients by automating routine processes.

E-trading Platform

Manage your stocks, bonds, and commodities wherever you are in the world with the help of all-in-one e-Trading platforms. Get instant access to live market prices and get maximum out of additional trading tools such as news feeds and account management features.

Credit Score Software

Reduce risks by efficient assessment of clients’ creditworthiness using robust credit score solutions. Save time and resources needed for making a decision and provide improved credit policy management by storing all data and scoring calculations in one place.

Investment Solutions

With the help of investment solutions, you can maintain investing processes in real-time. Thanks to comprehensive analytics and reports, make data-based decisions that will bring you maximum results in the future investing in promising projects.

Online Trading Software

Place and manage orders for financial products in real-time with minimum risks. With the help of mobile-friendly applications, you will be able to keep track of important data from any location in the world to stay among top industry leaders.


FinTech Software Development

Artezio offers custom FinTech software development services to address your business needs and requirements in order to get maximum efficiency of digitalizing your business processes.

FinTech Software Integration

We ensure the seamless integration of digital finance applications in your current infrastructure to support your financial workflows combining data mining and analysis using AI and ML technologies.

Fintech Software Development Company

Artezio is a custom FinTech software development company that delivers personalized solutions to automate financial business processes within your departments and provide your clients with an exclusive level of service provided. Thanks to optimizing operational processes, you will get a chance to focus on opening new business directions and enhancing the loyalty of your clients. Set your clients as a priority and provide them with abilities to:
  • Track their assets and monitor transactions;
  • Get instant comprehensive reports using built-in analytics tools;
  • Improve industry knowledge level of clients by providing data-based forecasts and recommendations on the market;
  • Plan their budget and figure out weak points of organizing their stocks;
  • Get in-app notifications and alerts about tax payments, planned transactions, and anti-fraud measures.
Revolutionize the financial industry by introducing modern technologies in your activity. Artezio ensures enhanced data privacy and security developing solutions compliant with world-proven safety standards and certificates.

Mobile Applications & Solutions For Fintech

With the help of mobile E-Trading applications, you can get remote access to important data to keep track of important information no matter where you are.

Mobile personal banking solutions provide your clients with outstanding user experience helping them manage all needed financial issues with the help of their mobile devices.

Make faster decisions when every minute really matters. Thanks to enhanced forecasts and recommendations, you can outperform your opponents relying on data-based supporting materials.

Get all the needed information on demand whenever you need it. Thanks to news feed aggregators and integrated analytical tools you are provided with up-to-date information to take measures that help you succeed.

With the help of money lending software, banks and loan organizations have the ability to operate with minimum risks thanks to accessing comprehensive information about their clients and dealing with huge amounts of data.

Get maximum results using additional trading applications that provide you with instant access to financial markets to visualize the real-time situation using one information source.