We have been delivering custom e-learning solutions for more than 20 years. During this time we had a chance to cooperate with leading educational online courses and e-learning platforms and gained industry-proven expertise in this field. We help you to create engaging learning solutions that will turn the educational process into a gaming one.

LMS Development

Artezio develops all-in-one learning management systems that will handle learning material storing, payment management, and communication with students.

Mobile Learning

Empower the learning process with a robust mobile learning application to let students get the ability to gain new knowledge wherever they are.

E-learning Platform

With engaging e-learning platforms, give your clients worldwide access to teachers and specialists. This will help get industry-specific knowledge from the world’s talents.


Artezio offers full-cycle service of LMS development and will lead you through each stage of software development from initiating the project to its implementation and further maintenance. With the help of thought-through learning applications, you will be able to digitalize your startup or company engaged in the educational industry or to manage your company’s internal courses and mentorship.

Custom LMS Development

Ready-made LMS

LMS Customization

LMS Integration

LMS Implementation

Training Platform Development

Mobile LMS Development

LMS Migration



Using an employee training platform, you can help your employees acquire industry-specific knowledge that will meet your company’s goals. With their help, you can easily manage your employees’ progress, use an in-built database to store learning materials and lesson plans, as well as get comprehensive analytics to improve the learning process.


Online education platforms have gained their popularity thanks to the ability to join a lesson wherever you are in the world to get real-time education. Thanks to cutting-edge video conferencing features and gamification of the content, your clients will get high-quality service that will increase customer loyalty and will help you stay on top of this fierce competition.


With the help of an AI-powered course constructor, you will be able to create a course or a learning program that will address your company’s goals. Personalization of the content is the key to gaining new users and providing a higher level of knowledge. Besides, it will decrease the training costs of your company thanks to in-house education.


Increase outreach to remote students or employees with the help of web-based course platforms. With an ability to use web-based learning solutions on any type of device, you increase the general level of learning service and increase the engagement of students. Moving to digital learning, you will result in higher client satisfaction and increased sales.


Artezio offers mLearning solution development with gamification features to create an engaging way of learning. We offer both cross-platform and native application development to let you increase your audience no matter what device they are using.

With the help of training mobile application, teachers will be able to upload homework materials on-the-go and lead on-demand communication with students. Meanwhile, students will the ability to join a lesson wherever they are in order not to miss a thing.

Empower your business with an eLearning application to let your students get knowledge in real-time. We offer full-cycle mobile learning application development from a prototype to application release and further support.

With the help of an LMS, you can manage each step of the learning process. Thanks to a mobile application, you will get on-demand access to student profiles, document database, and will be able to communicate with your students in real-time.

Artezio creates engaging learning mobile applications to let your students enjoy the learning process in the form of a game. With the help of speech processing and AI-based personalized content, students will be able to progress in less time.

Increase general satisfaction of your employees providing them with a tool for remote learning. With the help of mobile applications, teacher are able to educate their students wherever they are, upload home assignments and learning materials at a convenient time, as well as always keep in touch with their students.


Within 20 years of Artezio operation, we have already managed to gain industry-proven expertise in LMS development. We offer our support and knowledge and are ready to create a custom learning application from scratch. We believe in customization so we treat each business in a unique way. Here are our basic process of developing a learning management system:

  • Planning & analysis: each project starts with the market analysis to figure out competitors and find out a unique feature of the application. After gathering all requirements and wishes of a customer, we prepare detailed prototype, wireframes, and terma of reference that will become the guide to developers.
  • Development & testing: in our work, we use world-proven technologies and tools to help you create a robust learning solution that can be easily improved and scaled. We can implement such features as content gamification, speech recognition, online communication, document storage, and many more. Besides, we offer our testing service after each development stage to make sure that all components work properly and all the requirements are met.
  • Integration & maintenance: LMS solutions developed by Artezio can be easily integrated either with your internal infrastructure or with third-party learning tools or platforms. We offer our support in the after-development stage to add new features or improve existing ones.
Artezio is ready to become your partner on the way to digitalizing the learning process in your company to enhance students’ engagement, automate workflows, and decrease operational costs. We let you focus on opening new directions of your business while we take its automation on us.







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