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Artezio is an international IT consulting company that leverages the advantages of global development, sourcing and delivery to cater to its clients in the US, Europe, and Asia.




Established in 2000, Artezio is a custom software development company that offers robust software solutions and IT consulting services to customers around the globe. Over the last 20 years we have successfully completed over 1000 projects in the fields of Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail, Tech, and many more. We offer end-to-end software development services to companies of all sizes internationally.



When business conditions are rapidly changing and a software product must be developed in a short period of time, though the final functional and technical requirements can’t be estimated beforehand and a client isn’t sure that he will manage to cover costs for the whole project in time, a new alternative agile approach to software development becomes necessary.
Artezio team has a substantial experience in Agile Software Development based on iterative development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing cross-functional teams. The company successfully uses such Agile methods as SCRUM (projects progress via a series of iterations called sprints. Each sprint is typically 2-4 weeks long. Scrum is ideally suited for projects with rapidly changing or highly emergent requirements.) and XP (Extreme Programming).

The other things that make Agile methods our strength are its correspondence to our Quality Management System and a permanent improvement of our stuff qualification by taking part in trainings and conferences dedicated to this topic.
Artezio also uses a number of its own practices to promote projects implementation using Agile Development Methods:

  • Integrated project infrastructure for closer contact in the team and data exchange simplification. This includes a professional tasks and defects registration system, interactive smart cards, on-line conferences, online seminars, joint repositories of documents and source codes

  • Agile relationship system with customer, including direct interaction of developers and customers’ project team, application of customers’ standards and development practices

  • Developing methodologies oriented on the fastest achievement of the result: architecture and user interface prototyping, iteration developing, finished open-source components usage, testing-based developing, automated quality control etc.



Artezio's team is working in tandem with dbMotion's research and development groups on various software developments that include .NET, Java and database development. With support of Artezio we deliver our software products to the largest US healthcare organizations.Boris Giterman, Vice President R&B, dbMotion

We are very fortunate that we found such professional and reliable development partners. Artezio successfully executed several complicated software development projects and helped us to establish and operate a SDC.Anatol Filin, General Manager, Value Commerce

Artezio has been chosen following an extensive selection process with different providers as they offer profound business analysis and modeling capabilities as well as have a great track record in the area of complex testing activities.Oliver Wyrsch, Head of Engineering, ii4sm

We are planning to continue working with Artezio and would recommend this company as a reliable software partner for mobile applications development.Heiko Garrelfs, Managing Director, Lifesteam Creations







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