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Top 5 Countries That Accepted Blockchain

It’s safe to say that blockchain has been one of the most trending topics recently. It has appeared around 10 years ago as another mediocre technology. Blockchain wasn’t expected to grow into this giant which disrupts everything on its way.

Artezio Included in the Latest Global Outsourcing 100 Rating

International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) published an up-to-date criteria-based rating of top outsourcing service providers The Global Outsourcing 100. For the second year in a row, Artezio keeps its position in the Rising Star category.

Artezio Is Among Top 10 Java Developers 2019

Artezio has been included in Top 10 Java Developers 2019 by the US analysts.

Artezio among the Top Software Developers in Eastern Europe According to the British Agency

The British agency MAN Digital included Artezio in top IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe.

Artezio among Top Ten Best Belarusian Software Development Companies

In Belarus, Artezio has three development centers located in Minsk, Vitebsk, and Mogilev. They focus on the development of projects using ML, BI, Blockchain, Java, .NET, Python, Angular.JS, React.JS, and other technologies. In 2018, Artezio implemented many large international automation projects in the field of medical care, tourism, and finance. The company is engaged in the research of Machine Learning and AI technologies, provides custom software development services and expert consulting in the US and Eastern Europe markets.

Artezio Among Top 20 Best Software Development Companies

The authors of the research noted that the Top 100 list is based on a study of company profiles that are registered in the US International Trade Administration. Today, over 100,000 IT firms are recorded in this registry. It doesn’t include software companies that deal exclusively with large corporate projects. The study focuses on the requirements of small and medium businesses.