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World Trends from MWC-2018: transition to 5G, mass use of AI and security in IoT

Posted on Mar 28, 2018

According to Alexey Popov, Artezio Director for Strategic Development, one of the world technology trends in 2018 is the rapid development of AI and its application in all spheres of life. As part of the company expert group, Alexey Popov visited the international congress MWC-2018 in Barcelona, where he took part in the discussion of problems and processes of modern business development.

The transition to 5G is a steady trend of 2018. Alexey Popov notes that the leading manufacturers such as Nokia, Huawei, and Ericsson announce support for a new high-speed data transfer format.

“By 2025, 4G will occupy over a half of global networks, while 5G – 15%. Nokia is planning to start testing new speeds and opportunities for subscribers and devices with Vodafon Italy already in 2018,” says the Artezio representative.

In addition to the introduction of new generation communication, the rapid development of AI is also expected. The experts note that the machine intelligence is already used in various consumer devices, for example, in smartphone processors, cars, and other gadgets.

“There is strong interest in AI, we can judge by the number of requests that come to Artezio from potential customers. Companies tend to solve many tasks on process automation with the help of AI. At the trade show, Huawei displayed an intelligent system to control Porsche Panamera via a mobile device. This fact indicates the rapid development of AI and creation of conditions for its wide implementation, believes Popov.

Talking about the problems that the technology community is now concerned with, the expert points to the growing number of cyberattacks to which not only common computer systems are exposed, but also devices from the IoT ecosystem.

“There has been a catastrophic increase in cyberattacks. Every day Deutsche Telecom repels 6 million threats, including attempts to hack IoT sensors. It is believed that machine learning should be used for protection. It will allow building a more efficient system to protect a large number of devices that are part of operators’ networks,” says Alexey Popov.

Starting from 2014, the problems of IoT development are regularly discussed at MWC. Technical and software development of this direction has become a priority for many large businesses. Software and device manufacturers move towards the global integration of "smart" homes with emergency response systems and utility services.

For this reason, Artezio expertise in the development of management systems for the public utilities and healthcare sector was of great interest for companies that represented their technical developments in this field at MWC.

Artezio representatives held a number of meetings with business partners at the congress and made new contacts with the developers of innovative technology solutions.