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Pixel King Helps Children with Disabilities

Posted on Dec 10, 2018

The mobile app Pixel King will be a tool for socializing and developing the skills of children with autism. The possibilities of the new game from Artezio allow involving children in the creative process of drawing original pictures.

Pixel King is a game that combines the mechanics of coloring by numbers and role-playing character development. Players have access to many paintings and tools for coloring. Among the images processed by Artezio designers are drawings that were created by children with special needs. It became possible thanks to the collaboration of the developers and the first family inclusive theater (CITI-theater), which allows not only successfully fulfilling children‘s creative potential, but also changing attitudes in the society towards the problem of autism.

Tatyana Zhukovskaya, the activist of the family inclusive theater (CITI-theater), “The aim of our project is to include children with autism in the creative process, so that they do not experience discomfort during their performance on stage. Children are so involved in the process that they not only play their roles but also create new images and costumes. Of course, this is the result of long work, any talent needs to be revealed. Collaboration with Artezio is another opportunity for children to realize their potential, create pictures that will captivate many users of Pixel King around the world.”


The children’s drawings in Pixel King are represented without any notes, which makes their pictures as important as the pictures of professional artists who work every day to develop the game. Children see how their work becomes available to all users of Apple devices in the world, and this fact certainly inspires them, makes them feel in demand and experience equal opportunities in the society.

Community organizations and specialized funds help people with autism adapt to the modern world. The support from developers of popular apps, the involvement of children in the game development process is a big step towards solving one of the most important tasks of the modern society.