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Cost Track will Support IPhone X and FaceID

Posted on Nov 8, 2017

The updated version of Cost Track takes into account all technical features of IPhone X, including its non-standard resolution and screen design. Soon Cost Track will get one more functionality – the support of the face scanner FaceID when Apple provides developers with the detailed information on the facial recognition system and reliability of this data protection method.

Igor Esipovich, Head of Artezio Mobile Development Department, “We aim to ensure not only the best user experience of the app on any device, but also safety protection. Introducing TouchID in the previous smartphone versions, we were sure that the technology met all standards on safety use. The process of Cost Track customization to IPhone X will be carried out based on the same requirements.”

Cost Track allows users to manage their personal finances, plan family budget, and gather statistics on income and expenses. As the new technologies emerge, Artezio developers continue to enhance the solution adding new functionality. The latest modifications include the support of large numbers, precious metals and cryptocurrencies as well as the full implementation of data entry with the help of the voice assistant Siri.

Cost Track has been included into the Top 10 mobile apps for personal finance management.

You can download the basic version of Cost Track for free on the App Store. To get the advanced set of features, you will need to buy a subscription or pay for the full version of the app.

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