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Cost Track Updated Version Released

Posted on May 25, 2018

Artezio developers significantly expanded the functionality of the mobile app Cost Track. In the app new version, it is now possible to build diagrams for income, expenses, and overall balance. Statistics that displays family budget spending became more visible and easy to understand. Users can apply additional filters to manage and customize information in the diagrams.

Besides, Cost Track team added the ability to edit currency converter rates and the display of the total amount of entries in the search results. The app overall performance was optimized and synchronization with Dropbox was improved.   

“We listen carefully to users’ opinion. Thanks to their feedback, we implement new features and functions that people expect,” says Igor Esipovich, the Head of the Mobile Department at Artezio.

Today Cost Track helps 400,000 app users worldwide optimize their daily expenses and closely monitor the budget. Using the app, it is possible not only to track all financial transactions but also effectively plan your personal budget in various currencies, including electronic money and precious metals.  

Cost Track is available for download in the App Store, and soon – in the Google Play.