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Artezio’s Cost Track for Android has been Released

Posted on Aug 14, 2018

Users of the Cost Track app developed by Artezio can now manage their family budget simultaneously on both iOS and Android devices. The development team recently released an Android version of the app that supports cloud syncing.

Cost Track can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple Store, and thanks to cloud syncing via Dropbox, entries made on one platform will be available on the other. Users of Android smartphones and tablets now have access to all key app features that were previously implemented in the iOS version.  

Among them is a convenient income and expenses tracking function with visual statistics and the ability to build cost sheets grouped by income and expense categories. These categories can be modified to fit the user’s expenses with 150 currencies being represented. Currency exchange rates are updated automatically, and users can add geotags, save photos of paper receipts, and utilize the currency converter or built-in calculator to make budgeting a seamless experience. The app can be used to budget personal expenses or even an entire family budget.

Igor Esipovich, the Head of Mobile Development Department, “Over 400,000 people around the world use Cost Track for iOS. We are happy that the rich functionality of our solution is now available to Android users as well. Thanks to cloud syncing via Dropbox, it is now easy to make entries simultaneously on both iOS and Android devices, or to transfer data from one platform to another if you have changed your smartphone.”

Cost Track for Android is already available for download on Google Play.