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Artezio Works With New Tools Presented by Apple at WWDC 2019

Posted on Jun 7, 2019

Multiplatform apps created for Apple devices are among the key innovations. Developers got an ability of adapting current mobile solutions to Mac PC and wearables.

Apple welcomes the strategy of simple migration inside the ecosystem of company’s devices. No matter you create an app for a smartphone or a tablet – it will load on PC or MacBook as well. This approach opens new horizons for developers in the creation of multiplatform solutions. Applications that ran smoothly on mobile devices now will be available on big Mac screens using other scenarios”, says the Head of the Development Center Dmitry Parshin.

Apple presented new framework Swift UI which ultimately simplifies apps development and creates a base for implementation of various ideas and helpful solutions. It was declarative UI that many developers all over the world were waiting for.

Swift UI is a revolution in iOS development. It’s new yet not ideal way to the mobile applications development industry”, experts note.

Artezio specialists have already been experimenting with new tools and are searching for new ways of their implementation on large projects.

We are really excited to observe the technology development in the world. Some of them can completely change the process of project development and make new solutions flexible and efficient. Implementation of innovations is extremely important for the company that works on the projects that influence millions of people across the globe”, says the Head of Development Center in Artezo.