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Artezio Top Managers Meet Leaders of IT Companies in Boston

Posted on Sep 24, 2019

The largest technology event Business of Software Conference USA 2019 has recently ended in Boston. This year technology leaders from around the world including Artezio took part in the event.


Artezio is expanding its operations on the US market and is actively involved in initiatives aimed at improving technology level of businesses in the USA. Traditionally, company representatives attend key industry events and hold meetings with business partners in different cities of the United States.

Business of Software Conference USA 2019 focuses not so much on software development as on applying new technologies in business. As the conference organizers admit, Business of Software is an event that aims at business development and the use of software products.

“We strive to host the greatest software conference in the world gathering professional experts to share ideas,” note the organizers.

Artezio in its turn actively takes part in such meetings and develops contacts with the business community in the USA.