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Artezio Takes Part in the Discussions of BioIT Standards

Posted on Jun 7, 2018

The issue of information desynchronization in research institutions is generally raised at all significant healthcare conferences in the US. At BioIT, software developers were met with traditional questions on the need to implement common standards of data exchange between healthcare providers and laboratories.

“We are interested in meeting with representatives of the healthcare industry and jointly solving tasks that are of most concern to them. The issue of applying common standards is a global challenge for the entire US market and developers that ensure information exchange between research laboratories and healthcare institutions. For our part, we always look forward to participating in the development of medical projects, bringing the system to common standards, optimizing operation speed and performance,” says Dmitry Rodionov, Artezio Business Development Director and the Head of the US office.

At the event, experts discussed the possibility of developing universal specifications to ensure high-quality information exchange based on current legislative practices in the US. It was mentioned that the complexity and lack of harmonized methods for data exchange and communication protocols led the US healthcare industry to a crisis. Only 60-70% of researchers can reproduce the results of work received by their colleagues.

“Artezio takes part in all key healthcare forums in the US offering its own expertise to address the current challenges of the industry. We have sufficient experience in healthcare, offering leading companies the opportunity to solve their business tasks in a comprehensive way,” emphasized Dmitry Rodionov.