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Artezio Releases an App for Storing Secrets

Posted on Feb 1, 2018

Artezio has recently developed a new iOS app – Photo Vault. It allows users to store any files, starting from photos to text notes, in a secret folder.

Access to files can only be obtained if you know a digital sequence specified in the settings. Besides, the app can be disguised as system programs changing its icon on the smartphone desktop. Such mimicry is an additional level of personal data protection from unauthorized access.

Among other functions of Photo Vault is the ability to set up a fake password. It launches a separate storage with a different set of images and files, which allows keeping the main folder with secret data safe. Files can be imported from any Apple device or iCloud. It is also possible to upload files from iTunes.

“Mobile device manufacturers invest considerable effort and money in improving mechanisms for personal data protection. However, they are unable to protect data from viewing on an unlocked device. There is still risk that users themselves will create a loophole to access their personal files. Our app allows minimizing the chance of photos and notes being opened through a standard way to unlock mobile devices,” says Igor Esipovich, Head of Mobile Development Department. 

Photo Vault allows users not only to hide data but also to track hacking attacks. If the password is entered incorrectly, the app will secretly take a photo of the intruder.

Photo Vault is available in the App Store around the world.

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