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Artezio Release Pixel King Mobile Role-Playing Game

Posted on Sep 10, 2018

Artezio has launched its new iOS mobile game Pixel King, which began a new gaming genre – the color by number RPG (CBN-RPG). The new project combines character development and the elements of a role-playing game together with the coloring of black and white sketches on numbered fields.  
In the game, ready-made sets of coloring schemes are available for Pixel King players. Successful completion of tasks leads to increasing experience, reaching new levels, and developing one’s character. 
Igor Esipovich, Head of Artezio’s Mobile Development Department, says, “We wanted to offer owners of iOS devices a new gaming experience, which provides not only an interesting way of coloring by numbers, but also role-playing elements. Today, games on mobile devices are characterized by short sessions. Users are ready to spend just a little more time to entertain themselves on their way to work or during leisure time. Coloring by numbers does not take much time, but players quickly lose interest in the activity because they have no challenge or purpose. In Pixel King, we offer players a goal, allowing them to accumulate gaming experience then share their achievements with friends.”
Pixel King is the first gaming project developed by Artezio. Prior to that, the company released Cost Track, a popular Android and iOS app for joint budget management, and Photo Vault, an iOS app for safe storage of photos and personal files. 
“The color by numbers genre originated in the middle of the 20th century and it alone has not changed much since then.  But it enables each person to master drawing skills and create complex pictures. We want this art to inspire more people in a new way,” says Esipovich.
Pixel King is free to download from the App Store. The paid subscription doubles the gaming experience, challenging players to earn endless skill points and providing premium paintings for coloring. However, the app doesn’t require a subscription, so even non-subscription users can play through the entire game.