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Artezio Presenting at the Business Analysis Conference

Posted on May 18, 2018

Artezio expert gave a presentation at Analyst Day, the 8th International Conference on System and Business Analysis in St.Petersburg. The event is held twice a year and brings together specialists from large IT companies of the world. The 8th conference Analyst Days discussed the problems in the field of requirements engineering, requirements management practice, techniques and technologies.

“At the event, we presented our experience in model management using Spark Systems Enterprise Architect. We demonstrated a tool for designing a full-cycle information system. We especially focused on the automated documentation generation from the model. It caused a great interest among the attendees because modern companies now have strong demand for the introduction of such technologies. Unfortunately, there is no sufficient information on Enterprise Architect in Eastern Europe. Besides, companies are interested in getting assistance in implementing these tools and receiving extensive consultation on their usage,” says Mikhail Morozov, Artezio Business Analyst.

Talking about the interest from the audience, Morozov stressed that the practical application of technologies was the main information trend at the event.

According to the expert, “Of course, people were mostly interested in reports on the practical application of solutions. Therefore, Artezio presentation in which we analyzed specific examples brought audience’s response, and we had to give the presentation once again, although in a slightly reduced format due to the lack of time. After all, tools are means that help to do work cheaply and with higher quality.”

At Analyst Day in St.Petersburg, the questions were raised that refer to the implementation of blockchain in solutions related to the business field, not just receiving and accounting of cryptocurrencies. In particular, the attendees and speakers discussed the prospects of creating highly reliable projects based on blockchain technologies.

Participation in Analyst Days allowed Artezio to share its expertise in business analysis with the international audience, and also take part in the discussion of the current technology trends.