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Artezio Joins Two New Business Platforms in the US

Posted on Mar 22, 2019

Artezio actively works on building more relationships with the US business and technology communities. The New Jersey office has recently expanded its cooperation with local professional organizations having joined the tech council of New Jersey and Princeton Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Dmitry Rodionov, Country Manager Artezio USA: “We would like to become active members of the business and tech communities in the US to be able to share experiences, exchange information, take part in educational initiatives and finally establish trade relations with other members of the local market.”

“Our goal is to support the growth of US technology companies by applying our 19 years of expertise in the technology and custom software space. Partnership with industry-specific associations and technology hubs allows us to be directly involved in such initiative. We are sincerely happy to be a part of the technology council of New Jersey as well as PRCC and are grateful for the huge support from these organizations.”

Today Artezio USA is an official R&D partner to such incumbents as Microsoft, Amazon and SalesForce, as well as to various ISV’s in the mid-market space.

“We are open to cooperation with all industry-specific companies that are interested in applying the latest technologies,” added Pavel Adylin, Artezio Founder and CEO.