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Artezio Experts to Attend Mobile World Congress Americas

Posted on Sep 6, 2018

Mobile World Congress (MWC) that brings together experts, analysts, representatives of telecommunications and IT companies from across the world will take place on September 12-14 in Los Angeles, USA. Artezio experts will hold a series of meetings to discuss industrial trends during the largest technology event. 

Dmitry Rodionov, the Head of Artezio office in the USA, “Today it is impossible to imagine business in isolation from mobile solutions. Practically all advanced developments for business process automation take into account capabilities of mobile devices and allow many processes to be controlled remotely. Business representatives and common users want to use mobile apps in their work, study, life, travelling, while working with finances and in any other areas.”

Artezio top manager believes that MWCA is an excellent platform for holding a dialog between business community and developers of software and technology solutions. Large telecommunication companies and technology brands present new approaches to solving specific problems, and software companies offer projects for practical implementation of innovations in business and everyday life. 

“MWCA is a key event that showcases the recent advances in mobile technologies in Europe and Asia. It is very important for Artezio to be the first to evaluate new trends and bring them to Artezio clients and potential customers,” says Dmitry Rodionov.