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Artezio expert: new healthcare development trends highlighted at the global HIMSS conference

Posted on Mar 29, 2018

HIMSS, the industry's largest healthcare exhibition, ended in Las Vegas. It became a platform for discussing trends in the technological development of the medical sector and problems of the industry itself. Among the large companies that introduced their technology and software innovations at HIMSS were representatives of Artezio – the provider of automation solutions for healthcare services.

This year in Las Vegas, various topics were raised that are of concern to healthcare industry representatives. The key issue is the transition to new technologies and development of a single standard of information exchange.   

“In fact, the whole industry is now trying to switch to the latest technologies, renew its systems, and developers are trying to create efficient solutions that will be in demand and meet healthcare requirements and standards. One of the main tasks is to bring different formats and systems together and build an effective IT infrastructure. For this reason, people visit HIMSS for getting new knowledge and sharing experience with colleagues to solve problems in the development of their products, solutions or internal systems,” says Eugene Rozin, Artezio Lead Analyst.

Another problem is the existence of various formats of data transfer between healthcare institutions. In the US, companies realize that the use of incompatible systems decreases the effectiveness of interaction.  

“The industry is now experiencing transformation, and the hottest topic is interoperability and data integration, that is, bringing together all systems and how data between them is transferred, stored, and processed. Today healthcare providers operate different information systems and databases. Sometimes they are simply incompatible with the latest solutions and require serious modernization and new standards,” highlights the expert.

At HIMSS, Artezio introduced its expertise in developing complex information systems. According to Eugene Rozin, the level of interest in the experience of third-party developers is very high during such events.

“Startups building their own products and companies changing their business focus are those who are most interested in custom development. Besides, there is interest from companies that have their own products but are unfamiliar with HIPAA and HL7 compliance, and they need to organize their systems so that they meet the requirements of these standards. We are often approached by companies that require expertise in building high loaded systems, data analysis solutions, and developing EMR and EHR solutions tailored to the healthcare specifics, in particular,” mentions Eugene Rozin.

Events similar to HIMSS allow highlighting the latest technology trends in healthcare. Eugene Rozin, Artezio Lead Analyst, points to the growing attention to solutions on information system security and prevalence of cloud technologies.

Healthcare providers focus on the use of AI and IoT based systems including wearable devices for collecting detailed medical information.