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Artezio Enhances Software Testing Methodology

Posted on Dec 22, 2017

A new approach to testing complements Artezio’s global strategy for delivering high quality software development and consulting services. This new approach provides comprehensive software testing, while the most common methodologies only provide partial testing.

“We are constantly enhancing new approaches to provide the highest level of quality assurance. For this purpose, the company applies generally accepted technical developments for product testing and its own standards and best practices. As a result, the efficiency of the testing process increases as well as customer satisfaction,” says Andrey Shagalov, Chief Quality Officer at Artezio.

This new testing methodology that Artezio has already put into effect, allows the quality of a program solution to be assessed comprehensively, as well as the operability of the whole project and practical interaction of all program modules.

According to Andrey Shagalov, “We don’t reject other existing testing tools, we aim at supplementing the quality assurance process with a new innovative method. The quality management system at Artezio is certified according to the ISO 9001:2015 standard. And each year we successfully confirm the compliance to the ISO 9001 standards.”

The comprehensive testing methodology developed by Artezio’s specialists has already received positive feedback from the leading market players who have reviewed the method and value its positive impact on the software development services market.