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Artezio to Discuss Healthcare Development in the US at HIMSS-2018

Posted on Mar 1, 2018

The major topics for discussion at HIMSS-2018 remain the problem of data exchange between healthcare providers and creation of universal information solutions. Artezio has unique experience in development of global software and technology solutions for the healthcare industry. Due to Artezio implementations, effective and flawless operation of medical care is ensured in the territories where several million people live. The system not only ensures the efficient operation of the healthcare system, but also helps regulate the workload on individual healthcare institutions, availability of rare medical equipment.

“The problem of an effective data exchange between medical institutions is one of the most urgent problems in the US. Each year we discuss it with our partners during all large healthcare events. Our expertise can help solve many tasks, and US companies understand this, assessing the opportunities to integrate the proposed solutions into existing systems. It is necessary to adopt not only global standards for information exchange between medical companies, but also to introduce universal solutions for increasing the efficiency of the entire US medical sphere,” says Anastassia Panshyna, Marketing Director at Artezio.  

At HIMSS-2018, medical companies and Artezio experts will conduct meetings on healthcare problem development and solution. Additional information will be available at Artezio booth #14055, Solutions Lab where materials on current developments and expertise will be presented.