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Artezio Becomes a Partner for the International Scientific Tournament

Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Artezio recently became a partner of a prestigious scientific tournament held by the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The tournament includes competitions in chemistry, physics, and biology among students, graduates, and undergraduates of higher educational institutions in Belarus and CIS countries.   

Artezio will create a special technical task for the tournament participants to complete, the solution to which could create conditions for the development of high-speed transport all over the world.

“We suggested a task based on the popular idea of developing high-speed transport and building a global network of passenger communications. It is possible that the solution found at the end of the competition could be useful for engineers and applied in real projects,” says Anastasia Panshyna, Artezio Marketing Director. 

Artezio actively takes part in significant educational events and programs. The company has its own program to support talented youth and those who are interested in developing software products. Since 2016, Artezio has been training several dozens of specialists in its Junior Lab. In future, they will get an opportunity to work on Artezio projects and take part in the development of ambitious products.