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Artezio and Hitachi Discuss Future of IoT in Milan

Posted on Nov 10, 2017

The forum brought together European thought leaders, development companies, and experts of the Japanese holding Hitachi. The attendees discussed the pace of technological development in European countries and identified further steps to apply information systems and IoT solutions to business models.

Hitachi has planned to make significant investments in technologies and innovations enabling continuous growth of economic indicators. According to the Japanese company, the IoT technologies generate the largest demand today, as they are vital for the improvement of infrastructure and allocation of resources. To implement promising projects, Hitachi aims to work closely with government authorities and attract businesses with its ability to automate routine operations.Today Artezio solves similar problems and offers its customers realization of complicated IoT projects in various business sectors.

“Implementation of smart systems in business environment is a logical step towards productivity enhancement. However, the automation task requires a comprehensive solution. It is insufficient to modernize just a part of production or invest in a single segment. It is necessary to apply platform solutions, enhance the technical level of the whole business but not its separate sectors”, admits Sergey Pavlov, Artezio CTO.         

“A lot of program solutions are currently available to automate various processes. We believe that in this case it is necessary to develop a plan for migration to new technologies where all parties will understand how to bring more value”, says Ravi Chalaka, Hitachi VP, speaking at the event.

At the forum in Milan, the attendees suggested forecasts about changes in tech trends. The experts highlighted quite a dynamic technology shift and recommended to invest in global processes that will definitely continue their development. According to the experts, the Internet of Things is a consistent and attractive technology trend for businesses.

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