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Information Portal for Operators of an Insurance Company

Posted on May 30, 2017

Today company information systems are not just static text. Most of the time they serve the purposes of an e-learning platform and aim to train and assess knowledge of company employees. This poses a number of challenges. Usually the information is classified. The materials are provided in big volumes and in various formats. Since it’s an information portal, it implies simultaneous work of many people all dealing with different content. And since it’s a corporate solution it needs to be integrated with other systems.

Artezio has recently developed an Information Portal for Insurance Company employees to solve the following challenges:

  • Upload different types of data (including images, video and audio) in various formats, their edit, search, view and archiving
  • Work with large volume information with no drop in performance
  • Ability to assign user access rights and protection from unauthorized access
  • Seamless integration with related systems
  • Reporting on materials and users

In order to solve these challenges we performed analysis of existing e-learning solutions, selected most suitable open-source system, developed a new interface and integrated it with the information portal.

As the result, the system allows

  • To import materials in Word, Excel, RTF, HTML; images in GIF, JPEG, PNG, SCORM & AICC, import interactive materials with the help of Java Applet, ActiveX, Macromedia flash. Built-in editor.
  • To process about one million documents and search indexing large volumes (about 12 Gb) of text information.
  • 200 users can interact with the system at the same time. There is a user authentication subsystem and ability to assign user access rights.
  • Integration with the information portal and related systems: Genesys Software, Yandex maps, Active Directory, JUST.
  • Jasper reports (statistics of documents read by portal users, reports on most frequently read documents, most active users and report on materials compulsory for reading)

We also introduced additional enhancements to improve the quality of the import information to prevent scale distortion, quality loss, etc.

Technologies used: J2EE, JSR 168, Hibernate, Spring, Liferay Portal 4, Oracle DB, Apache Tomcat, Jasper Reports, Lucene, Kerberos.

Check the full story here.

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