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Artezio Offers Highlights for Developers from Apple’s Most Recent iOS Release

Posted on Jun 25, 2018

The mobile development team at Artezio, an international ISO 9001:2015-certified custom software development and consulting company, is offering its expertise on five primary modifications from iOS 12, the newest version of Apple’s operating system for smartphones and tablets.

As specialists in the field of mobile application development, Artezio provides services including custom, native and hybrid mobile application development, progressive web applications, mobile-to-enterprise and mobile-to-cloud integration, long-term application support and enhancement and more. The company prides itself on providing up-to-date analysis on trends and developments affecting the mobile development industry.

The most noteworthy development enhancements contained in iOS 12 include:

Satisfying Speed

According to Apple, iOS 12 offers a significant increase in app performance with minimal errors, a benefit especially important to software developers in determining user satisfaction. The company claims that apps will be launched 40 percent faster, the keyboard will work 50 percent quicker and the camera speed will increase up to 70 percent.

Advanced Augmented Reality

Apple and Pixar recently developed USDZ, a new file format for the exchange of augmented reality (AR) objects. USDZ features the capability to not only place notes and photos in an augmented reality but also share virtual objects with other users in real time. There will most likely be many apps in the future based on this new principle of sharing AR objects.  

Consumption Control

This newest version of iOS will enable users to control how much time they spend on apps, requiring many software developers to adapt their programs to time limits. Due to these time constraints, notifications will almost surely become more informative. Whereas the previous design forced users to navigate menu tabs to search for desired content, the updated version will probably propel app developers to display “everything at once” to address the new time limits.

Siri and Shortcuts

Developers utilizing Siri for apps is nothing new. For example, Cost Track allows the voice assistant to make entries about purchases. Apple expands the application of Siri in iOS 12, letting users add shortcuts for the voice call of certain apps. This feature is designed to help users expedite daily routines, such as ordering coffee, but also will undoubtedly become very popular among developers due to the regular, daily use of oral communication.

Streamlined Security

Given the high amount of news of the leakage of private user data, it’s no surprise iOS 12 contains enhanced security tools to protect users from receiving targeted advertising or having their personal data collected on various websites through buttons linking to social media networks. This will significantly affect "smart" schemes in the advertising industry that monitor what kind of groceries or vacuum cleaner you order. Starting with this newest version, users of Apple devices will drop out of sight of advertisers and scammers.

"The mobile development industry is changing daily, and these new enhancements address technology issues in which many smartphone and tablet users are interested,” explained Pavel Adylin, CEO of Artezio. “We want to be a primary resource for software developers interested in the latest news on mobile technology and how it affects them.”