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blog / Nov 28, 2019

How to Build a Blockchain Online Voting System and Who Requires It?

The development of blockchain technology allowed solving one of the main tasks of the modern society in any state – implementation of a fair online voting system. As it turns out, not only state institutions but also businesses need such systems. Corporations and companies are interested in making managerial decisions remotely and honestly, voting for the distribution of profits and determining the need for investment.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Nov 5, 2019

Can AI Be Biased and Make Mistakes Like Humans?

AI will be more often used in manufacturing and business operations, and the fate of hundreds of millions of people will depend on the success and decisions of machines.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Sep 16, 2019

Can AI Unleash a World War: Experts Say Yes!

Dr. Bruce D. Jett, Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisition, Logistics, and Technology, recently admitted that certain types of weapons could be placed under control of AI. Representatives of the military units of Europe and China immediately made similar statements. Previously, the inventor Elon Musk warned that such statements and actions could set off World War III.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Aug 19, 2019

New Way to Implement AR: Saves Lives and Treats Patients

It’s common knowledge, that VR and AR are rapidly gaining popularity with youth providing them with incredible game experience. But, in fact, these technologies are to help in a great variety of fields. Performing as something extremely new, they add the so-called «fresh look» to the problems, that we call urgent. It’s interesting to know, what role the game technology can play in saving people’s lives. For instance, let’s touch upon medicine, probably, the most accurate science.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Aug 6, 2019

Passports of the Future: How We are Going to Prove Our Identities

Today fewer and fewer countries rely on old paper passports to identify citizens. Small books with photos are being replaced by biometric documents that will soon be replaced by digital passports issued on plastic cards and smartphones with NFC. Let’s look to the future and find out how the registration of citizens in digital states will be arranged.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Jul 31, 2019

Top 5 Countries That Accepted Blockchain

It’s safe to say that blockchain has been one of the most trending topics recently. Despite its popularity and wide range of ways to implement, some people are still skeptical about the reasonability of blockchain. Many governments don’t have a legislative basement for introducing blockchain into their vital sectors. It could be a good option to solve the issues of security, upgrade the voting systems of countries, or optimize energy and regulation blocks. Nevertheless, there are countries that have already accepted blockchain and cryptocurrency and are actively transforming their most important sectors and industries. So let’s have a look at the Top 5 countries that have already considered blockchain and cryptocurrency legal.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Jul 23, 2019

When Will Robots and AI Replace Humans in Business

Each year the use of automation solutions is increasing in all areas of business. People entrust artificial intelligence with more and more tasks that perform operations not only better than humans do, but also much cheaper. Experts say that soon robots and AI will oust entire professions from the market. Let’s have a look at what jobs robots and AI are eligible for today. 
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Jul 4, 2019

Python is one of the key programming languages for AI projects

The research on the perspective of programming tools usage had been held at the company for 5 years. The results cover the data about the efficiency of AI solutions provided by the developers engaged in related projects.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Jul 4, 2019

What Language to Choose to Talk to AI

The development of the modern technologies of artificial intelligence requires implementing the latest approaches to its programming and learning. Scientists are opening up new opportunities for using AI and its areas of application to developers. All this requires updating software development tools.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Jun 30, 2019

How Technology can Change Business: from Startups to Innovations

Automation is considered to be a part of business. To be more precise, it’s a process which helps businesses to grow and develop. Some experts still believe that IT technologies can’t change business dramatically.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Jun 13, 2019

How Does the Digital Transformation in Agriculture Occur?

Is automated farming the new reality for agriculture? Let's find out in this article.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / May 30, 2019

How to Use Blockchain in the Healthcare Sector

Blockchain meets the needs of each and every company, industry, and sector; and healthcare is not an exception.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / May 14, 2019

Can Digitalization of Traffic Management Systems Solve the Traffic Congestion Problem?

Modern technology allows building a future in which there will be no traffic jams and congestion.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Apr 30, 2019

How Acceleration of Data Transmission Channels will Affect Business

Why is the market looking forward to the 5G network? And what should business expect from the new standards?
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Apr 9, 2019

What are Embeddings? How Do They Help AI Understand the Human World?

The term “embedding” has become quite common in the descriptions of AI systems only during the last few years. It first appeared in the works of specialists in Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Mar 27, 2019

Speech Recognition: Prospects for Use

At the beginning of 2019, the speech recognition market was estimated at $7.5 billion. It is believed that in 5 years, this amount will increase by another 19% to $ 21.5 billion in 2024. It is apparent that speech recognition technologies are among the most valued and sought after.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Mar 19, 2019

Blockchain in the Financial Sector: Today and Tomorrow

Financial corporations and banks are ready to invest in blockchain to automate cash flow management processes. A representative of the financial sector noted that blockchain has already passed the stage of initial uncertainty, and the majority of players, such as stock exchanges, banks, investment and credit companies, have a clear understanding of the further use of its capabilities.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Mar 12, 2019

When Will the Internet of Things Become the Internet of Anything?

Gartner analysts believe that IoT reached its development peak in 2014. It was expected that four years later a technological breakthrough would occur in the field of smart things: NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) mobile networks would function everywhere, and smart devices would be part of important infrastructure solutions. However, it didn’t happen. Let's find out why.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Feb 27, 2019

What Healthcare Problems Could Automation and New Software Solve?

Today, it is hard to imagine healthcare development without a wide use of modern information technologies. Automation of many processes in clinics and hospitals does not just change the face of healthcare, but significantly increases its effectiveness. Digital technologies directly affect key processes in medicine, from diagnosis to drug development.
Alexander Nikolaichuk
blog / Feb 18, 2019

A Robot Lawyer and Robot President: Considering a World Run by AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence is only at the beginning of its development, but already it has demonstrated considerable progress. Although human contribution and monitorization are required for successful AI operations, the future of AI opens up unique and interesting opportunities in various professional industries and areas. For example, it is possible that AI-based solutions and robotic machines could help simplify complex tasks in the field of law and public administration. Judging by the speed at which AI, blockchain platforms, and other advanced technology solutions are developing, this could be a reality in only 7-10 years.
Alexander Nikolaichuk