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blog / Feb 7, 2018

Belarus Among Top 20 Countries with the Best E-Government Services

The Analytical Department at Artezio (LANIT Group of Companies) conducted a research to evaluate how convenient and technologically advanced e-government services are in various countries. Among the leaders are the UK, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, and Finland. The government agencies of these countries created the most favorable conditions for remote interaction with their citizens. Belarus occupies the 18th position in this ranking, with Moldova and the Czech Republic being behind.        
Alex Arting
news / Feb 1, 2018

Artezio Releases an App for Storing Secrets

Artezio has recently developed a new iOS app – Photo Vault. It allows users to store any files, starting from photos to text notes, in a secret folder. Access to files can only be obtained if you know a digital sequence specified in the settings. Besides, the app can be disguised as system programs changing its icon on the smartphone desktop. Such mimicry is an additional level of personal data protection from unauthorized access.
Alex Arting
blog / Jan 12, 2018

The 10 Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing an IT Contractor

You have a big IT project. Its success is critical to your company’s performance. You know you don’t have the resources in-house to complete it. Outsourcing is an excellent alternative. But how do you choose the right IT outsourcing company? Here are 10 important guidelines you can use in evaluating potential contractors for the project. 1. Consider the size and experience of the IT provider.
Alex Arting
news / Dec 22, 2017

Artezio Enhances Software Testing Methodology

A new approach to testing complements Artezio’s global strategy for delivering high quality software development and consulting services. This new approach provides comprehensive software testing, while the most common methodologies only provide partial testing.
Alex Arting
news / Nov 10, 2017

Artezio and Hitachi Discuss Future of IoT in Milan

The forum brought together European thought leaders, development companies, and experts of the Japanese holding Hitachi. The attendees discussed the pace of technological development in European countries and identified further steps to apply information systems and IoT solutions to business models.
Alex Arting
news / Nov 8, 2017

Cost Track will Support IPhone X and FaceID

The updated version of Cost Track takes into account all technical features of IPhone X, including its non-standard resolution and screen design. Soon Cost Track will get one more functionality – the support of the face scanner FaceID when Apple provides developers with the detailed information on the facial recognition system and reliability of this data protection method.
Alex Arting
news / Nov 3, 2017

GITEX 2017 Review

Artezio presented its expertise on the key technology areas at GITEX, the international trade show for IT professionals in Dubai. During the event, the company experts held meetings with the representatives of large businesses and government companies from around the world including the countries of the Middle East, US, and Europe.
Alex Arting
blog / Oct 31, 2017

Top 10 Mobile Finance Apps for the US Market

Artezio Analytical Department has conducted a comprehensive research on mobile apps for personal finance tracking.
Alex Arting
news / Oct 26, 2017

Artezio to Hold Discussions on Digital Transformation in New York

Artezio will provide expert support for AdTech, a prestigious forum in New York. Together with top brands and tech leaders, Artezio will discuss the key aspects of digital transformation of the world and communication at the forum.
Alex Arting
blog / Oct 25, 2017

Java 9: Evolution or Revolution?

In this article, we review the top 10 new functions of Java 9, their advantages and disadvantages, and discuss whether Java 9 should be considered “revolutionary,” as they say in Oracle.
Alex Arting
news / Oct 4, 2017

Meet Artezio at the Largest ICT Exhibition in the Middle East

Artezio is among the exhibitors at GITEX (Gulf Information Technology Exhibition), a prestigious trade show that takes place in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on 8-12 October 2017. It is an annual event held with the support of the UAE government that features the best developments in the field of IoT, smart cities, telecommunication, AR and VR.
Alex Arting
news / Oct 4, 2017

Artezio Takes Part in the Key Technological Conferences in the US

Artezio attended the Business of Software Conference and Accountex USA, the major technological events in the US market.
Alex Arting
news / Sep 22, 2017

Artezio successfully passes ISO surveillance audit

On September 5, 2017, Artezio once again successfully passed the ISO 9001:2015 audit. The current version of the standard is developed in compliance with a guideline that establishes a new single procedure for the structure of management systems. The updated standard is traditionally considered more agile and risk-oriented.
Alex Arting
news / Sep 22, 2017

You Can Now Use Siri to Manage Personal Finances

Artezio developers present an updated version of the mobile app Cost Track; the app supports the new features of IOS 11 as well as data input with the help of Siri, the personal voice assistant by Apple. A major update of Cost Track increases the app usability and supports the iOS 11 innovations. In the iPad version, Artezio engineers added the Drag'n'drop function for iOS 11.
Alex Arting
news / Sep 11, 2017

Artezio Invites CodingFest Winners to Take Part in Internship Program

The winners of CodingFest, an event for software developers, will undertake an internship at Artezio. Based on the professional competition, the top software engineers were awarded with personal certificates that offered them a working and training opportunity at Artezio.
Alex Arting
blog / Aug 1, 2017

How to Compile and Sign OS X Project for Independent Distribution

This article describes how to obtain project codes from GitHub, compile and sign the application for an independent distribution outside the App Store, and pack the application using NavX OS X project example.   Step 1. Receive the source codes from Git.   The source codes are available at the link from the ant branch of the gosnavx-x-tarverse project:
Alex Arting
news / Jul 31, 2017

Artezio along with Microsoft, Cisco, and Uber Took Part in Digital Summit

Taking part in major industry-specific events allows Artezio to share expertise with leading developers, clearly define the current industrial trends, and interact with customers. Today Artezio portfolio includes multiple projects that are developed based on the innovative technologies and advanced knowledge.
Alex Arting
blog / Jul 24, 2017

Is this the end of free apps from Apple and Google?

Free mobile apps will disappear very soon – says Igor Esipovich, Head of Mobile Development at Artezio, PO of Cost Track project. Based on the latest trends and the changes in mobile development world, he makes a conclusion that in no time free and freemium apps will be replaced with monthly subscription apps. That is why today more and more developers choose subscription model when they create new mobile apps.
Alex Arting
blog / Jul 6, 2017

Vladimir Krylov, Artezio Expert, “AI will Soon be Able to Replace Doctors”

“In many cases a diagnosis made by Watson, IBM’s supercomputer used for diagnosis of oncological diseases, was first treated with much skepticism but during additional examination it was generally confirmed. Today AI is mostly implemented in screening research, and it has already showed excellent results. Watson achieved considerable progress in assisting with the development of new drugs and predicting their effect. It is only one most known AI that has initially started its training at a game show,” says the scientist.
Alex Arting
blog / Jun 27, 2017

Back-end solution for robust mobile e-payment platform

Complete dependency on our mobile phones is the reality today and chances are this tendency will only increase over the next two years, specifically in financial sector. Statistics indicate that there are over two billion self-banked consumers with mobile phone access worldwide and the overall number of consumers without bank accounts is increasing.
Alex Arting
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