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news / Jun 24, 2019

Artezio Included in the Latest Global Outsourcing 100 Rating

International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) published an up-to-date criteria-based rating of top outsourcing service providers The Global Outsourcing 100.
Alex Arting
blog / Jun 13, 2019

How Does the Digital Transformation in Agriculture Occur?

Is automated farming the new reality for agriculture? Let's find out in this article.
Alex Arting
news / Jun 10, 2019

Artezio Is Among Top 10 Java Developers 2019

Artezio has been included in Top 10 Java Developers 2019 by the US analysts.
Alex Arting
news / Jun 7, 2019

Artezio Works With New Tools Presented by Apple at WWDC 2019

Mobile Development in Artezio is going to follow the latest technology trends. The company is planning to actively use program tools and opportunities that were presented by Apple at WWDC 2019.
Alex Arting
blog / May 30, 2019

How to Use Blockchain in the Healthcare Sector

Blockchain meets the needs of each and every company, industry, and sector; and healthcare is not an exception.
Alex Arting
blog / May 14, 2019

Can Digitalization of Traffic Management Systems Solve the Traffic Congestion Problem?

Modern technology allows building a future in which there will be no traffic jams and congestion.
Alex Arting
blog / Apr 30, 2019

How Acceleration of Data Transmission Channels will Affect Business

Why is the market looking forward to the 5G network? And what should business expect from the new standards?
Alex Arting
news / Apr 24, 2019

Artezio among the Top Software Developers in Eastern Europe According to the British Agency

The British agency MAN Digital included Artezio in top IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe. Among the leaders are Artezio, Itransition, Cleveroad, ScienceSoft, iTechArt, and a number of other companies from Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, and other European countries.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 18, 2019

Artezio among Top Ten Best Belarusian Software Development Companies

The international analytical company Clutch published an updated rating of the best IT developers in Belarus. The rating describes 170 companies that offer software development services. The first TOP 10 includes Artezio and a number of other leading developers.
Alex Arting
blog / Apr 9, 2019

What are Embeddings? How Do They Help AI Understand the Human World?

The term “embedding” has become quite common in the descriptions of AI systems only during the last few years. It first appeared in the works of specialists in Natural Language Processing (NLP).
Alex Arting
news / Apr 3, 2019

Artezio to Discuss Healthcare Digital Transformation with Experts in Berlin

The largest exhibition platform that promotes digital technologies in healthcare will gather a lot of experts and business representatives in Berlin. Among the invited guests are representatives from Artezio and other major software development companies.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 2, 2019

Artezio Among Top 20 Best Software Development Companies

Artezio is one of the best outsourcing companies according to the research agency Explority. A complete list of the Top 100 software developer companies was recently published on the Medium information portal.
Alex Arting
news / Apr 1, 2019

Artezio to Share its Blockchain and Machine Learning Expertise at BioIT

Artezio will take part in BioIT, a conference and exhibition that will take place on April 16 in Boston. The company representatives are planning to share their experience in blockchain and machine learning development with the attendees of the key technology event.
Alex Arting
blog / Mar 27, 2019

Speech Recognition: Prospects for Use

At the beginning of 2019, the speech recognition market was estimated at $7.5 billion. It is believed that in 5 years, this amount will increase by another 19% to $ 21.5 billion in 2024. It is apparent that speech recognition technologies are among the most valued and sought after.
Alex Arting
news / Mar 22, 2019

Artezio Joins Two New Business Platforms in the US

Artezio expands cooperation with the US business and technology communities.
Alex Arting
blog / Mar 19, 2019

Blockchain in the Financial Sector: Today and Tomorrow

Financial corporations and banks are ready to invest in blockchain to automate cash flow management processes. A representative of the financial sector noted that blockchain has already passed the stage of initial uncertainty, and the majority of players, such as stock exchanges, banks, investment and credit companies, have a clear understanding of the further use of its capabilities.
Alex Arting
blog / Mar 12, 2019

When Will the Internet of Things Become the Internet of Anything?

Gartner analysts believe that IoT reached its development peak in 2014. It was expected that four years later a technological breakthrough would occur in the field of smart things: NB-IoT (Narrow Band Internet of Things) mobile networks would function everywhere, and smart devices would be part of important infrastructure solutions. However, it didn’t happen. Let's find out why.
Alex Arting
blog / Feb 27, 2019

What Healthcare Problems Could Automation and New Software Solve?

Today, it is hard to imagine healthcare development without a wide use of modern information technologies. Automation of many processes in clinics and hospitals does not just change the face of healthcare, but significantly increases its effectiveness. Digital technologies directly affect key processes in medicine, from diagnosis to drug development.
Alex Arting
blog / Feb 18, 2019

A Robot Lawyer and Robot President: Considering a World Run by AI and Big Data

Artificial intelligence is only at the beginning of its development, but already it has demonstrated considerable progress. Although human contribution and monitorization are required for successful AI operations, the future of AI opens up unique and interesting opportunities in various professional industries and areas. For example, it is possible that AI-based solutions and robotic machines could help simplify complex tasks in the field of law and public administration. Judging by the speed at which AI, blockchain platforms, and other advanced technology solutions are developing, this could be a reality in only 7-10 years.
Alex Arting
news / Feb 13, 2019

Artezio Pixel King Gets Valentine’s Day Themed Update

Pixel King from Artezio will get a festive update for St Valentine’s Day. The development team will add themed pictures for coloring by numbers and make changes in the app design interface.
Alex Arting