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Project Management

The 10 Factors You Must Consider Before Choosing an IT Contractor

You have a big IT project. Its success is critical to your company’s performance. You know you don’t have the resources in-house to complete it. Outsourcing is an excellent alternative. But how do you choose the right IT outsourcing company? Here are 10 important guidelines you can use in evaluating potential contractors for the project. 1. Consider the size and experience of the IT provider.

Challenges Faced by Distributed Teams. Part 3

In this last article about distributed teams we would like to summarize how we overcame challenges facing our distributed team and what the result was. So, what was actually done?

Challenges Faced by Distributed Teams. Part 2

Let's continue discussing how to hadle problems of distributed teams. The first part about the main challenges is available here. Virtualization

My Manager is a Robot

Some science fiction writers predicted that in future robots would be just smart assistants to humans, following their rules and, except in rare cases, carrying out mundane tasks. In many ways their predictions are coming true right before our eyes. Being served by robot waiters or using chatbots in customer service don’t seem surprising anymore today, not to mention robotization of back office processes in insurance companies or the use of robots in manufacturing. In view of these tendencies, managers take this opportunity to increase productivity and reduce costs.