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Distributed Systems

Flamenco, Computational Cluster Development Story Continued. The End

Here is the last part of the big story about the Flamenco project. We would like to talk about tasks that the system can solve and to give a conclusion of all Flamenco articles.Examples of tasks

Flamenco, Computational Cluster Development Story Continued. Part 4

When we’re talking about parallel computing and our Flamenco project we cannot help saying about monitoring tools, node control console and flexibility.Monitoring tools (under development) Flamenco contains a built-in monitor module which allows tracing the condition of the node itself (in particular, Java virtual computer where it is activated), as well as the condition of the computer on which the application is set up. Thus, the need for use of external monitor means such as Ganglia, collectd, etc. is eliminated.

Flamenco, Computational Cluster Development Story Continued. Part 3

Last time we talked about Flamenco system and one of its key features peer-to-peer topology. And now I would like to explain how Flamenco met challenges:Cross-platform portabilityDynamic scalabilityNo external dependencies (under development)Cross-platform portability

Flamenco, Computational Cluster. Part 2: Flamenco. Peer-To-Peer Topology

Continued, previous part is HERE: is an infrastructure for the distributed task performance. Any task that can be effectively solved in a distributive manner and compiled in JVM bytecode can be implemented in the form of the corresponding Flamenco plug-in.The key features of Flamenco system are:

Flamenco, Computational Cluster. Part 1: Introduction.

You will probably hardly find a person in the IT field who has never heard of the parallel computing, parallel data processing or at least just the term cluster or grid. Nevertheless, we will let ourselves make our own contribution to this growing direction in the development of the IT industry.At the beginning of 2013, a project called Flamenco was introduced. It was a semi-educational project with a practical focus. Two purposes were initially set: