AWS Consulting Services

Maximize your efforts to provide an exclusive level of medical care with the help of custom EMR and EHR solutions. Artezio is ready to share its 20 years’ experience of cooperating with leading industry experts to help you transit to digital healthcare.

We deliver HIPAA and GDPR compliant EMR software solutions to provide you with robust tools to streamline your workflow, get unified storage of sensitive data and increase patients’ engagement.

Artezio will guide you on each step of EMR system implementation from analyzing your existing infrastructure and advising on an efficient solution to its deployment and further maintenance.

With the help of a mobile EMR application, you will get an ability to access patients’ health records, clinical trials and diagnostics results remotely and in real-time which is the way to digitalizing your healthcare.

We ensure seamless integration of an EMR system in your existing medical organization infrastructure to deliver you a comprehensive tool for managing main operation processes within your departments.

AWS Cloud Integration

We are proud to say that within 20 years of Artezio operation on the market we got a chance to contribute with leading experts in the healthcare industry which helped us create a robust basement of knowledge gained through analysis and research.

AWS Cloud App Development

In our work, we use industry-proven methodologies and technologies and have all the required skills and infrastructure to work according to the Agile methodology putting your business needs first to address industry challenges.

AWS Cloud Migration

As the healthcare industry presupposes dealing with sensitive data, Artezio ensures personal data security and privacy by developing solutions that are compliant with world-proven data privacy standards and certificates.

AWS Development Services

We believe that every business is unique and needs a personalized approach. If you treat your medical organization uniquely, your patients will get an exclusive level of medical care as well. We are here to design patient-focused solutions to meet their expectations and concerns.


According to the 2014 National Physician Survey, 75% of responded physicians were using EMR systems, of those, 65% stated that it helped them improve the overall level of healthcare service provided. Whether you need a patient monitoring solution or a health record management system, Artezio is ready to support you on the way to automating your daily operation processes to help you focus on delivering personalized medical care to your patients instead of dealing with workflow management and analyzing patients’ data. Among other benefits of implementing EMR systems are the following:

  • Better informed medical staff and patients thanks to unified storage of health records;
  • Optimized workflow by setting notifications and reminders, remote access to health records and improved laboratory results availability;
  • Increased health awareness of patients thanks to reminders and notifications about annual check-ups, medications, and preventive care, planned appointments and clinical trials;
  • Enhanced interaction between doctors and patients as everyone is on the same page and can get real-time updates on vital questions;
  • Improved level of healthcare delivery thanks to structured data resulting in fewer errors in treatment prescribing and thanks to data analysis which helps make more accurate predictions on treatment efficiency.
Artezio is ready to provide consulting service should you have any questions or need expert advice on how the implementation of industry-proven technologies could optimize your business processes and help you keep on track.







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