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Software Reengineering

Why Artezio consulting?

Due to its extensive expertise in professional Technology Consulting, Artezio provides a wide range of high-quality reengineering services to customers in the USA, Europe, Japan, Israel, etc.

We want our clients to focus on running their businesses and getting a return on investment rather than managing technology. We are committed to helping businesses address their needs and achieve project success.

We also make sure that we meet scalability requirements while keeping all the business rules and practices, used in the outdated system, unchanged.

What you need

We provide software engineering services for clients that need to upgrade their legacy software systems and/ or maintain the existing systems but enhance them significantly. Technology consultants ensure sustainable growth of businesses and help companies gain a competitive edge in their industries.

Our software reengineering services include:

  • Database and application server migration and customization
  • Operating systems and DBMS cross-platform conversion
  • Technology Platform porting
  • Сomplete system redevelopment
  • Comprehensive software reengineering
  • Application functionality upgrades and enhancements

What we deliver

Artezio, a reliable partner of leading technology companies, helps its clients to:

  • Improve web-site or portal user experience
  • Reconstruct architecture to meet current business requirements and expectations
  • Upgrade the existing solution to the up-to-the-minute technology platforms
  • Update inefficient technical solutions and add a new functionality
  • Reengineer interfaces of applications
  • Modernize the existing IT infrastructure

Artezio’s Advantage

Artezio utilizes the latest technology and applies modern methodologies of software development and consulting. This makes us an important partner capable of creating high-tech and cost-effective solutions with minimal risks.

To learn more about our reengineering services, see our Case Studies.