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Support & Maintenance

Artezio software maintenance services are designed to provide continuous support of software applications and react to emerging incidents in a timely manner. Artezio Tech Support team offers implementation services to set up any kind of project environment, addressing specific scalability requirements.

To stay competitive, many of our clients want to maximize the value of their IT assets and align them with their business goals. The good news is that Artezio provides ongoing support and maintenance not just 9/5 but 24/7. All our clients get warranty support within the following models:

  • IT infrastructure outsourcing
  • Software maintenance

The Tech Support team quickly fixes defects, responds to your inquiries, and accommodates any of your business requirements.

To optimize software maintenance, Artezio has developed a SharePoint-based Help Desk app to track tasks easily. The application can be used by different individuals within the organization: users, managers, and performers.

  • Users are authorized members who can create and follow tasks to stay informed on the changes to the task.
  • Managers control processes. They can execute tasks themselves or redirect tasks to performers.
  • Performers execute tasks and report task statuses to the manager.

Help Desk status updates include:

  • Open
  • In progress
  • Resolved
  • Reopened
  • Closed

The app is available for free at the Microsoft Office Online Store.

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