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Software Integration and Implementation

Our high-tech experts work with different
programming languages:

IT technologies are changing quickly, and to meet today’s needs companies want to support their businesses applying modern solutions. This continuous process requires 3rd party product identification, evaluation, customization, and integration into the existing environment. Artezio provides system integration consulting services as a solid solution which covers all the stages of business automation.

By integrating different systems into one environment Artezio helps customers:

  • Work within the same corporate information environment
  • Obtain accurate consolidated reports on time
  • Minimize costs related to the software updates or usage of different tools
  • Prevent the system from data redundancy
  • Save time and effort by replacing paper work and manual data transfer with automated data management

To meet these goals, we offer a complete cycle of the following services:

  • Audit of company’s infrastructure and software 
  • Estimation of project scope and workload
  • Design of information flows 
  • Identification of approaches and technologies to integrate a specific solution
  • Case-related testing and customization
  • Maintenance and support of integrated solutions