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Software Product Engineering

Our high-tech experts work with different programming languages:

Artezio performs product development as part of its R&D strategy for clients across the globe. Our products are used in Healthcare, Finance, Communications, Entertainment and other industries.

In our work we apply the waterfall and Agile/SCRUM software development methodologies. We have qualified system analysts, architects, software developers and QA engineers to ensure successful implementation of a project. All product engineering services are tailored to meet our customers’ needs.

We provide a full cycle of services for the product to meet usability, technical and quality requirements of our customers as well as end users.

Artezio development team does software product engineering from start to finish, creating high-end solutions which help to achieve corporate business goals. The following steps have to be taken usually:

  • Product Conceptualization - we design the whole concept of a product
  • Product Analysis – our analysts create a detailed list of requirements
  • Product Design – we work on UX improvements and visual design
  • Product Development – our programmers create a customized software solution
  • Product Testing and QA – our QA engineers test a product to eliminate all software defects
  • Product Deployment – as a final step our experts provide implementation services in clients’ facilities if needed

Market Analysis

As part of product development we are eager to offer our customers a thorough analysis of the market they operate in. We identify competitors in the destination market, analyze potential threats, determine the target market in order to help our clients build an appealing, and most importantly, a unique software product. Our analysts will create a compelling USP for your business, whether it’s small or medium-sized.

We commit ourselves to making your product or service stand out, attracting new and pleasing repeat customers. We also know that ordering an engineering of software products as a full cycle service from us saves your time and money compared to the strategy of working with different vendors at each stage. We would like to offer effective and competitive solutions saving your significant time.