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Big Data

Smart business decisions are informed ones – use Artezio for your big data solutions to make your data work for you.

Our big data solutions can help you understand your data to make actionable changes to improve your business. We provide end-to-end services to store, organize, and analyze data. Our big data consulting will help you create and operate an efficient program across multiple domains to increase revenue and operational efficiency.

Why choose Artezio:

  • We adapt to the client’s business goals and needs
    We understand that your needs are unique. We create tailored solutions for all your big data needs.
  • We deliver our solutions within your timeframe and budget
    We know the importance of time and money, which is why we get the job done quickly within your budget. We offer different project models such as fixed price, time and material, or mixed model, so you can choose what works best for you.
  • We offer end-to-end services
    The full cycle of project realization including creation of the solution concept, development, support, and maintenance is available to all our clients.
  • At Artezio, we know the power of customization and work with you to create comprehensive solutions to optimize your business. We have successfully completed over 1000 projects in the last 17 years and our partnerships with global organizations make us a trusted partner for your big data services.

Technology we use:

  • Database analysis and BI (Pentaho, Oracle BI);
  • NoSQL Databases (Cassandra, MongoDB, Neo4J);
  • Big Data (Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Hive);
  • Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (Spark MLlib, TensorFlow, Edward);
  • Internet of Things (Californium (Cf) CoAP Framework)

Past Project Focuses

  • Development of reporting systems (analytical reporting) based on such systems as Pentaho Reporting, Oracle Reports and Oracle BI Publisher, Crystal Report, etc. using database languages (e.g. PL/SQL for Oracle)
  • Productivity analysis and applications setup based on different DBMS (MS SQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle)
  • Development of data storage systems as well as data load and clearing processes based on different ETL tools (Pentaho Kettle, Oracle Warehouse Builder, Oracle Data Integrator, Oracle Golden Gate, Microsoft IS, etc.)