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Artezio to Take Part in the International Conference on Artificial Intelligence

Posted on May 25, 2018

AI-MEN is organized with the participation of the High-Tech Park Administration (Minsk) and a number of large companies engaged in software development and research in the field of AI and ML. The event will bring together not only software developers but also representatives of production companies and commercial businesses. Among the speakers are the experts from the United States, Russia, and Eastern Europe.  

The conference will discuss the approaches to the creation of the Association of Artificial Intelligence. It can unite scientific institutes and IT companies for effective cooperation in the field of research and development of intelligent solutions.

Artezio has its own research base where its employees study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and train to implement these technologies in practical projects.

At the conference, Artezio will present the report “Software 2.0 – Technologies and Apps Using AI.” In his speech, Artezio CEO will talk about the evolution of software and the use of AI and ML technologies in product development.