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Artezio Participates in Discussions on the Future of Unmanned Aircraft

Posted on May 5, 2017

Artezio representatives took part in the round-table discussions on the development of drone aircraft. The key topic for the experts’ meeting was wide use of air drones and creation of program platforms for effective collecting and processing of research data.

Public organizations took the lead in discussing the issues of adopting unmanned devices.

“The state and private companies are interested in projects that will allow exploiting the potential of drones. This applies to program solutions for processing of video data transmitted from unmanned air vehicles and creation of automated systems that are controlled based on the aerial reconnaissance data,” says Gleb Bondarik, Head of the Unmanned Aviation Federation.

Sergey Pavlov, Artezio CTO, considers unmanned aircraft to be a promising trend in the technology and software development. “Today, it is hard to think of such areas of life that in future will function without interaction with unmanned devices. Even today, drones and remotely operated vehicles provide a qualitatively new level of data collection. These data can be used to design unique solutions that will allow automating a large number of processes, increasing economic potential of businesses, and enhancing people’s living standards,” comments Sergey Pavlov.

Besides, the participants of the round-table talks focused on the innovations in the air legislation. The state bodies of many countries are planning to expand the existing radio frequency spectrum to control unmanned aerial vehicles as well as specify flight critical parameters. This particularly refers to the restricted areas for launching drones and the use of such devices for commercial purposes. The attendees also discussed the issues related to program developments and practical application of the drone aerial photography.

Artezio has wide experience in developing large projects in the field of IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data (processing large data volumes), machine learning, and other verticals. The company expertise can be applied to the infrastructure projects as well as projects related to the development and operation of unmanned devices.

About Artezio

Established in 2000, Artezio is an ISO 9001:2015 certified custom software development company. Over the last 16+ years, Artezio has completed more than 1000 projects. Artezio's custom software development services enable its clients to deploy multi-platform applications, resulting in leveraged power of modern software technologies. Some industry-leading sectors where Artezio holds a stellar track record include telecommunications, mobile platforms, financial services, healthcare, hi-tech, logistics, utilities as well as retail. Artezio provides IT services to small, medium, and large companies within the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Israel, Japan, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Russia. The company has 8 software development centers in Europe.

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