Artezio Cost Track App now provides integration with banks around the world

Artezio has released an updated version of Cost Track mobile application. Now it allows transferring data from the banks around the world. Users can import data from any bank without any limits as to the number of accounts or payment cards used.

Starting from version 3.2, Cost Track allows easily importing financial data (in CSV format) from the remote banking systems (online banking), other apps and data sources. The program can effectively analyze user’s income and expenses data and it works with reliable bank information.

Other updates in version 3.2 include the use of Dropbox new version and many other improvements.

It is easy to save money with Cost Track App as it empowers you with a convenient personal finance management service. The app analyzes user’s customer behavior, keeps track of expenses and income, and makes it possible to balance your personal and family budget. Unlike other similar applications, Cost Track works with the data from all available sources, including income and expenses data of other family members.

“It’s hard to imagine effective personal finance management without the analysis of all data resources – daily expenses, bank statements, and data from online banking systems. Today we provide you with the product that meets all users’ needs and helps them get a full picture of their financial state,” – says Igor Esipovich, Head of Mobile Development Department at Artezio.

Cost Track App is one of the TOP most downloaded apps for iPhone and iPad and it is available in App Store for free.

The application handles expenses and income data in 25 pre-installed categories (you can also create your own categories), it has a built-in currency calculator, generates detailed statistics and synchronizes data with other devices via Dropbox.

About Artezio

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