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Artezio and Sberbank Developed a Guide to Create Websites for People with Special Needs

Posted on Jan 21, 2019

Accessible Internet services are a way to create a barrier-free environment when everyone (regardless of physical limitations) gets access to all capabilities of the information network. Artezio team helped Sberbank of Russia to adapt the information guide for the program purposes to create accessible sites. 

In Russia, about 50 mln people have special needs, which is almost a third of the country’s citizens. They are people with disabilities, elderly people, and those who are temporarily in a special situation: parents with babies or people with broken arms or legs. The guide was developed for the Sberbank Group of companies. But we decided to share it with the professional community, because we want everyone to be able to contribute to the accessibility of the digital environment,” say the authors at the official site of the project.

The new information project is an example of an accessible resource. Artezio specialists have done a lot of work so that the information on the site is structured in accordance with the international standard WCAG 2.1 and is easy to read, including people with special needs.

When doing the page layout, we tried to use components that were already tested and met all the requirements of the information accessibility standard. It was necessary to adapt the navigation elements and, in general, all interactive and static objects on the pages for people who use special voice readers on the Internet,” says Andrey Shagalov, Artezio Quality Assurance Director. 

Besides, people who were involved in the project testing were those for whom the availability of content and services on the Internet was of high importance.

A visually impaired testing specialist participated in the project on the part of Sberbank; it was very interesting experience that allowed us to understand how web apps are perceived by people with special needs as well as to take a different look at the design and creation of such apps. It is important to understand that by helping people with special needs to easily use digital services, we simultaneously make them easier and more accessible to all,” highlights Andrey Shagalov.

 Work on creating accessible resources in Russia will continue. It is planned that in January 2019 Artezio team will hold a master class on the development of accessible services for Sberbank developers.