Artezio to Take Part in the Largest AI Conference

Artezio’s experts will take part in an industry conference where worldwide implementation and development of artificial intelligence will be discussed. Despite closed borders, Ai4 2020 will gather world-leading specialists online.

Ai4 2020 is a large event where the most pressing topics of technology development and digital business transformation are discussed. The conference brings together specialists to focus on various areas – from technology development in the finance sector to cybersecurity and AI implementation.

For Artezio, taking part in the conference is important as the company not only offers its customers AI-based solutions but also conducts in-house research in this field and trains engineers in the AI lab.

Artezio’s developers understand the role AI technologies play today and see the prospects of adopting AI in most areas of the world economy. The popularization of AI at industry events helps make this technology comprehensible and efficient. Thanks to AI, businesses can reduce costs and, at the same time, create value.

“During the current pandemic and crisis, AI-based technology solutions create additional opportunities to strengthen company positions on the market and maintain dynamics of business development,” says Val Gurovich, Artezio’s technology expert.

The conference offers digital meetings and discussions with experts. For Artezio, a dialogue with developers and customers is a key format of communication at such events.