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The Customer distributes mobile devices and tablets in the corporate sector.


  • Software engineering
  • Technology consulting
  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • Software quality assurance and control


3,500 man-hours

Functional area

Development of a solution for automatic device updates—IoT solutions


The Customer has over 3 million devices available in various models, with different firmware versions, and operating systems. The existing process of manually managing such a large number of devices is inefficient.

Most of the clients are large enterprises who base their service provider choice on reputation, operational stability, and security.

When receiving support requests, a large amount of time was spent on identifying devices based on their types, firmware, programs and their versions. It was difficult to diagnose devices due to the absence of the latest information, and the Customer’s employees had to send requests to clients, which made a problem-solving process complicated and time-consuming.


Artezio’s team suggested the Customer to develop an IoT system that would enable devices to search for updates and download them automatically.

The solution consisted of three parts: a server part, a web app, and a mobile app for devices.

To download updates, Artezio’s engineers developed a web client that operators would use to upload a file with firmware, specify types of devices, models, and operational systems it was designed for. The solution is built in the Android-firmware that is delivered together with a device.

Additionally, Artezio’s specialists developed a system of filters to sort data transferred to the servers by a region, communications service provider, type of a device, operational system.

At the second project stage, the BI part is being realized that includes building reports in which statistical details are displayed graphically. Additionally, Artezio’s team is developing a Windows app.


The solution significantly saves time, as the employees do not have to clarify information, they can quickly resolve support requests based on the accurate and timely data.

It also saves the clients’ time. Depending on the settings, the system will either download and install the updates, and users will not need to do anything themselves, or it will automatically update in a quiet mode.

It is one of the largest projects in the region for Microsoft.