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Technology based marketing company


  • Software engineering
  • Technology consulting
  • Business Analysis & Consulting
  • Software quality assurance and control


12 engineers, 5 months

Functional area

Software Platform Modernization



The Customer was a technology based marketing company with their primary product being a marketing process tool, with global brand utilization.

The Customer’s priority for the development was to reduce the time required for integration of the tool on the clients’ sites as well as to shift to a universal model of the project development.

The Customer’s aim was to make adjustments to the existing platform which allow the Customer to substantially reduce the time for implementation of their product on their clients’ sites. Additionally, to modernize the existing program’s code with best standards in order to unify prior development and standardize it.


Artezio was involved in modernization of the Customer’s software platform resulting in a reduction of implementation time by a factor of 30.

Artezio’s engineers cut the time spent on the additional setup of the tool that can possibly be required due to the critical structural changes on a client’s site.

The project was implemented in 2 steps:

  1. Training. The Customer’s representatives visited Artezio’s office to help provide initial training within a short time.
  2. Development, additional enhancements to the project, testing.


The project was successfully implemented and delivered to the Customer.

The development team received valuable knowledge transfer as a result of the close interaction with the Customer and the team’s high level of learning capability.