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Genetic laboratory


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Healthcare IT





To build a platform that would bring together patients, clinicians and lab services providers who are not connected to any EHRs. The laboratories would subscribe to the portal to have their services featured, and the clinicians would be able to make an automatic request to all these laboratories using one single platform.


Uber-like multitenant portal with convenient and simple interface for clinicians and laboratories. It allows clinicians to easily and quickly create a lab request which is automatically routed to participant laboratories in accordance with HL7 data transfer principles.

  • HIPAA and GDPR compliant environment. Clinicians can see patients history, ICD disease classification and RxNorm medications.
  • Patient’s and doctor’s e-signature and ability to print out labels and lab requests
  • Eligibility verification (automatic check with the insurance company to confirm eligibility for the services)

Environment where small and medium laboratories can be more competitive. Clinicians have a convenient tool to send requests to thousands of lab services providers and can easily access specific tests.


  • Dashboard with dates, locations, patient information and actions
  • History of lab requests
  • Statuses of lab requests
  • Create new patients in the system
  • Edit patients’ information
  • Define the primary payment type (insurance, cash, etc.)
  • Search lab requests by status
  • Search patients by name, date of birth, medical record number
  • View history of a particular patient
  • Make a lab request
  • Receive test results
  • Track the lab request


The portal gives small and medium laboratories the environment to be more competitive. It provides clinicians with a convenient tool to send requests to thousands of lab services providers and they can get a hold of specific or more beneficial tests for their patients. Moreover, they no longer have to re-enter lab requests for every separate system. Entrusting Artezio to build the solution, the customer was able to focus on the business development side and make further plans. From the technical standpoint, the Customer gained a trusted technology partner who has experience building HIPAA, GDPR compliant systems, providing HL7 compliant integrations and creating simple and functional interfaces.