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To design, develop, and prototype the platform for semantic-based data modeling and interpretation.


The “Semantic Backbone” notion designed and documented being a foundation for computable semantic interoperability.

Three major components:

  • Information Model Management and Metadata Repositories: a repository and associated functionality for managing meta information on the information structures and schemas used within the solution, together with an ISO11179 Repository for managing the overall metadata
  • Terminology Repository: a repository and associated functionality for managing terminologies (code systems). The code systems may be large, externally supplied standards, such as SNOMED, or small, locally configured code sets
  • Business Rules Repository: a repository and associated functionality for management and execution of business rules. This enables externalization of certain aspects of repeatable business logic to be expressed in declarative terms rather than embedded in a code.


Currently, the project which was started as a mere “proof of concept” activity, has grown to become the company center-of-excellence, combining Artezio researchers, developers and architects in the following areas:

  • Semantic methods of data processing
  • Pharmacovigilance
  • Drug safety