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Finance & Insurance

Payment System Development and Integration Platform

Cloud-based platform that is seamlessly integrated with banking services, telecom, city services, loyalty programs, as well as solutions for financial and retail services. The users can make purchases and pay for the services from just one single platform using mobile device.

Integration Platform for Banking Systems

Robust and fast integration solution for the information flows of different internal banking systems from various vendors. The system remains stable working under the payload with more than 3.5M information messages per day.

An Information Portal for Operators of an Insurance Company

Development of an information portal for insurance company. The system allows processing about 1 million documents with no drop in performance and search indexing large volumes (about 12Gb) of text information

Master Data Management System

Single technological platform for bank units to view and manage all required information data. Development of functions with the aim to improve data quality.

Online Customer Acquisition to Payroll Projects

Automation of internal processes, the bank’s development by accelerating and improving the quality of business services aimed at attracting new clients to payroll projects.