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Enterprise Portal Development

Government Contract System development

Challenge: Provide a comprehensive assistance of governmental and municipal contract procedures in order to avoid mistakes occurrences and a function of imposing fines by the supervising authorities.

Short Movies Entertainment System

Challenge: Develop a large-scale entertainment platform to promote short movies to the internet audience.

Logistics portal for petroleum retailer

Challenge: Maintain the company's development plan it was necessary to solve the problem of automation of management accounting and operational planning.

E-business portal reengineering

Challenge: Reengineer a technical solution of a web-based application from one technology to another.

Interiors web-shop

Challenge: Create a portal that should be a classical web-shop with the following functionality: product listing, product search, users registration and some text content about company, designers and partners.

Modification and functional improvement of web-portal

Challenge: Make certain changes to the existing web-site of the Customer which didn’t meet new higher requirements.

Reference information management module for an enterprise application portal

Challenge: Develop a reference information management module for enterprise application portal to alleviate claim processing, policy underwriting, account management, cross-selling of insurance services and data exchange with outside organizations including the Association of Russian Auto Insurers.

Artezio develops a new Intranet portal solution for a Swedish company

Challenge: Build an Intranet portal using the Microsoft Office Sharepoint Server 2007 platform and customize it, including providing functionality of shared documents, events, blogs, RSS feeds and integration with third-party features.

Artezio upgrades an information web-portal

Challenge: Improve the Customer's existing solution by adding a possibility for registered users to send a request on performance of different types of works and services.

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