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Mobile Solutions

Modern mobile devices and platforms have gained trust of many large companies and become an important part of their daily operations. Nowadays mobile devices keep getting into retail, education, logistics, healthcare and many other branches.

Artezio pays special attention to development competence in the field of application development for mobile platforms under control of such systems as: 


Artezio specialist provide the following services in the field of mobile application development:

  • Custom mobile applications development
  • Cross-platform applications development
  • ODC for mobile application development
  • Mobile web applications development
  • Long-term applications support and enhancement
  • Multiple-device testing and quality assurance
  • Mobile-to-enterprise and mobile-to-cloud integration

Applications for mobile devices have a wide functionality depending on tasks type that need to be solved to provide comfort of work. They must be multipart, with a flexible and friendly user interface. Nowadays mobile applications are able to extract data from remote databases via Internet, create reports, charts, presentations, work with built-in camera (augmented reality technology) and GPS module. All these tasks can be successfully resolved within the limit of one or several applications and were successfully implemented by Artezio on previous projects.

Artezio has successfully developed and implemented a lot of solutions ment for:

  • Wifi Connection Management
  • Scheduling
  • Video streaming
  • IP Geolocation, geotracking, geonavigation
  • Document management
  • Mobile banking
  • E-Learning
  • Entertainment, etc.

Currently a successful implementation of the application for the mobile interaction with ERP system of one of the largest Russian telecommunication companies is being held. Applications development for tablet computers for the future projects and integration with corporate clients is also being done.

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