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Enterprise Application Integration

When implementing new or enhancing existing software in the enterprise environment Artezio deals with system integration technology like central integration bus, application connectivity, data transformation and interchange, workflow management, two-phase transactions and other.

In order to fulfill enterprise system integration requirements Artezio provides the best talent of system architects, analysts and senior development staff with appropriate industry expertise and certification.

Artezio approach to system integration is based on integration requirements analysis, design and prototyping. Such approach ensures that all integration requirements prepared in advance, appropriate architecture designed and successful proof of concept provided before the actual solution development started.

Artezio standard integration solutions are based on IBM WebSphere, Oracle Fusion Middleware and Microsoft BizTalk technologies. Artezio has implemented a number of custom solutions to integrate various databases (like Oracle, SQL Server and DB2), legacy client-server and modern multi-tier software application, in-house intranet applications and internet-based third-party information services.

Below is a sample list of integration solutions by Artezio:

  • Financial to document management application integration
  • Financial to project planning application integration
  • Payment system to financial application integration
  • Application integration basing on workflow management
  • Consolidated reporting